Journey as a mother, wife, and a soldier

I am Lyndsey I am a mother, a wife and a soldier. I am a MP in the Army. I have a 4 year old daughter, a little boy on the way, and a wonderful husband. We are a country family currently trapped in the city life =/ We are hoping to move to the back woods here soon. This city thing isn't for us. This is where I can express my self and not be judged! I vent here with rants or post stories memories and even thoughts that I have. I post pictures of things I like and personal photos as well. enjoy. feel free to message me from time to time! <3


When did y’all start your babies on food. Weston is going to be 6 months on the 25th and I gave him food for the first time yesterday. He is still breastfed. I was told that it is ideally to wait until they are 1. I was also told if you feed them to early then it will cause them problems in the long run. I dont know what to do and if I start him now I dont want to get hate from it. Oh yeah I make my own baby food to so it is cheaper and easier for him. 

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